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About SODC

About SODC

Here is what our peers have recently said:

  • “What a delight to see a compendium of the best of Sandra Organ's black history dance month choreography in one place at one sitting.”

  • "One thing I have always loved about SODC shows is the easy familiarity of the opening speech that Sandra herself gives. She is personable and laughs, making inside jokes with the audience, like cracking over her shoulder that she has to strike her own set while moving a bench. She invites you to relax and have a good time – no stuffy dance concert here; just enjoy yourself with friends who happen to be dancing.”

  • "In addition, Organ's newest dances are layered with themes regarding the journey of African Americans from slavery to freedom, from a status of invisibility to visibility within our nations' history, and depict the invisible (but no less palpable) bonds of prejudice and bigotry.”

Here is what our audiences have recently said:

  • “…it is accessible to everyone, making Sandra Organ Dance Company's contribution to dance an important one for helping to bridge the gap between art and its public.”

  • "This was a powerful, passionate, political & poetic. Beautiful! Makes me want to dance again."

  • "This is Fantastic! Enjoyed every minute. My children were mesmerized!"

  • "Wonderful and beautiful body of work."

  • The Seed Series is an engaging, educational program of beautiful dance works choreographed by Sandra Organ Solis. It is the ninth annual Black History Month concert presented by Sandra Organ Dance Company. Premiering this year is Carver, a well-crafted work of dance, narrative, music, and video. All four elements combine elegantly to convey the story and significance of George Washington Carver. SODC also debuts The Seed Parables alongside a few favorites from their repertoire. The concert ends with Songs of Wonder, a tribute to Stevie Wonder so full of reverence and technical beauty, it just might bring a tear to your eye.
    -- (about the 9th Black History Month Performance: The Seed Series. From Movers and Shakers, February 2007 issue from Dance Houston)

  • “Your dance company’s work and existence is critical for the enhancement and preservation of fine African-American cultural expression.”
    “I really enjoyed the entire story. Keep up the good work. I look forward to future performances.”
    “The Sojourner piece was very moving!”
    “I enjoyed the entire play. Powerful!”
    “Creative representation of history.”
    “It is because of the daily efforts of people like yourself, that our identity in this country will not be resigned to fatalistic expressions of resignation, self-loathe and disrespect.”
    “The play was fantastic!”
    “The play was very effective!”
    “I really enjoyed each element of the play.”
    “My daughter is two and she loved it. Interesting!”
    -- (about From Sojourner to Odyssey at Talento Bilingue de Houston/collected audience responses, 2006)

  • A cultural ice cream sandwich with solid performances at the beginning and end. Rich and creamy choreography in the middle, especially the piquant "Haiku." I savored the concluding performance and wished it would never end. All in all - the best entertainment I've seen in a long time. No small thing, this - in a city as rife with talent as Houston.
    -- (about SODC at the Menil Collection / L. Wiley, April 2004)

  • "...all was good but in particular I especially liked the 1st (MORSE CODE POP/Rob Smith) and the last pieces (MUSICA CELESTIS). Last nite I saw many "sandy organ signature" choreography but also noted movements which were fresh to me. Thought the last piece was gorgeous and dreamy. I felt like I was watching a complete cycle of the night sky....stars coming out...filling the sky...fading into dawn, etc. cudos!
    -- (about "Musica Celestis at the Moores Opera House / B. Bowman, April 2004)

  • Dance, Poetry, Digital Art 
    Last night I attended a performance of contemporary dance at the University of Houston's Moores Opera House. The Sandra Organ Dance Company presented one dance that collaborated with musicians and digital artists. The Moores School of Music Contemporary Ensemble played a stunning piece, "Infinite Heartbeat," by and during the dance, the back screen of the stage showed the words of Pablo Neruda's poem, "." The projection of the poem was designed by Dr. Carlos Solís, Information Technology Consultant at Rice University and founder of . Sandra Organ, choreographer of the piece, explains that left and right brain functions are involved in trying to read the poem in the background while focusing visually on the dancers and listening to the music. She (in a local radio interview) says that in a world with MTV, our brain is able to process various and combined stimuli. Her effort is groundbreaking. I was distracted by the words while trying to see the movements, but the disjointed connections between the Neruda words and the movements was compelling and demanded involvement. It was a beautiful and innovative performance and I hope this small Houston company is able to be seen widely. The poem by Neruda was projected first in English, then in Spanish, well designed and animated so that the words would appear and disappear with flourish. 
    Hurrah for collaborative art that opens visions!
    -- (about "Musica Celestis at the Moores Opera House / A. Medrano, April 2004)

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About Sandra Organ

Here is what our audiences have recently said:

  • "Movement workshop was the BEST workshop I've ever attended. So participatory and interactive! Sandra is a gift from God!!!""The dance workshop was especially delightful.""I thoroughly enjoyed the praying through Creative Movement Workshop. Sandra Organ is a master of her gift. I was very disappointed that she was not invited to share her Amazing Grace dance with us for the Holy Eucharist Sat. service. She was here and even had her music and was willing to share her gift with us."

  • "Sandra Organ's movement/prayer workshop was truly a gift from God - life-giving, love embodied. Far from an adjunct! Presence mediated; bring out "gracefulness' from each participant."

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